Designer Home Interiors

Discerning and selective homeowners choose Connie Dunn for their designer home interiors because of her vast experience and perspicacious ability to translate her client’s ideas into a design they love to come home to. Residential interior design requires attention to architectural elements and details which support the design concept and bring everything together inherently and without artificial pretense.

“One of the most important elements of a great design involves architectural interior finish out, which ties the design together seamlessly and creates a sense of authenticity and integrity in the room.” Connie appreciates the importance of details such as this and draws from a deep network of Dallas’ most talented craftsmen, artisans and carpenters to bring a theme and design to life. Consideration of details such as hardware, trim, and fixtures lend credibility to the design. Architectural elements such as the shape of the ceilings, passageways and structures in the home lend genuineness to the overall theme and intention.

Residential interior design is an art form which blends style, theme, function and comfort through interpretation of the client’s desires. Most people are not able to clearly articulate exactly what they are looking for in designer home interiors. Talented designers like Connie are able to listen well enough to interpret the client’s intentions and produce beautiful results.