Home. There are very few words which stir our emotions quite like this one does.

Your home. More than a house or a beautiful space, your home reflects your personality, style and values. A beautiful, comfortable, stylish home interior design is created through a careful balance of your personal possessions and great professional design.

Connie Dunn has mastered the art of luxury interior design through her understanding and embracing of the idea that interior design is an intimate art; a personal expression of your emotional and sensory definition of “home”.

Connie has been designing home interiors in Dallas and around the country for over 30 years. Her clients call on her again and again because she understands that home interior design depends as much on the sentiments of the homeowner as in the art of interior design.

An attentive interior designer, Connie unites your lifestyle, customs and desires into a design that flows seamlessly from beautiful to comfortable to functional. She envisions creative elements which lend style and utility in ways you may never have imagined.

Connie’s vast knowledge of resources and extensive experience saves the client time and money.

Everyone’s life is filled with priorities that consume their time. Connie’s expertise can take them immediately to the products they need to complete their project

Specializing in luxury interiors, Connie understands that your home plays a number of roles in your family’s life. It must be a showplace, a place to entertain, a place for family and above all, it must “feel like home”.