Interior Design Philosophy

connie_dunn_colorMatching yourself with a registered interior designer is an important decision when setting out to create a living space for yourself and your family. You want a designer who understands your style and values and who takes the time to listen to your ideas in order to ensure that your design meets and exceeds your needs and desires. Connie’s interior design philosophy reflects her appreciation for the significance of the role your home plays in your life. She begins every project without preconceived ideas or agendas. She takes time to educate her clients about their chosen themes and styles in order to ensure their understanding of the direction the design will take. Connie’s interior design philosophy is based on her belief that the first step toward great results is to listen to her client.

“The Most Important Thing my clients appreciate when I design their home is that I take the time to Listen to their needs and desires. Residential interior design is a very intimate and personal art form. Great design requires my complete perception of my client’s deepest wishes, bringing them to reality and delighting their passion.

My responsibility to my clients involves gaining a deep understanding about who they are, what brings them comfort and what is important to them. To create a beautiful space, I gather all of their ideas about design, style and function. Using principles of great interior design, I orchestrate it all into a livable, beautiful, comfortable work of environmental art.

My job as a designer is to reach into the imagination of my client and translate their emotions, ideas and wishes into more than just a beautiful space;

I make it a beautiful home.”