What Is A Dea Memorandum Of Agreement

3. Organizational Component Work Plans within FDA/CDER and DEA/OD: Any exchange of information between federal partners or their organizational components, except as permitted in Sections VI and VII below, shall be in accordance with a written and approved work plan describing the specific exchange of information and procedures for conducting such an exchange (“Work Plan”). Federal partners may approve work plans at the periodic meetings referred to in Section III.A.1 in agreement with an authorized official of each federal partner or by any other method mutually agreed upon by an authorized official of each federal partner. All work plans must comply with applicable law and the terms of this letter of intent. Once a work plan has been approved by an authorized representative of each federal partner, as documented by their signatures on the original work plan, federal partners can immediately begin sharing information in accordance with that work plan. If you are a physician or administrator of a health care facility and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has made allegations about your handling of controlled substances, part of their corrective action plan may include a letter of intent that outlines expectations for your future handling of these substances. This agreement is simply a trade agreement between you and the DEA that can be used as a guide in your practice. However, to ensure that these expectations are not unreasonable and that your rights are not violated, it makes sense to hire an experienced lawyer from Hasson Law Group LLP. Federal partners must ensure that information disclosed under this Letter of Intent is used and disclosed only in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines. Access to information disclosed under this Letter of Intent is limited to authorized employees and contractors of federal partners who require access to it to perform their official duties in accordance with the use of the information under this Letter of Intent and any related work plan. These personnel are informed of (1) the need to protect and restrict access to information and (2) administrative, civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance with applicable federal laws. Contractors from federal partners who have access to information disclosed under this MOU must sign the non-disclosure agreement set out in Appendix A. Each federal partner will keep non-disclosure agreements signed by its contractors on file.


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