Western Power Wayleave Agreements

In the UK, it is common for a Weglass to be a process that is renewed every year. While some utilities may try to make lump sum payments to have longer-term access (an easement). In general, it is renewed every year. If you investigate and discover that a Wayleave agreement already exists on your property, you may be entitled to refunds of up to 6 years and your payments in a significant lump sum. We spoke to a small farmer in Pembrokeshire – he did not want to be named – who three years ago bought an 11-hectare plot of land on which power lines were running in the other corner. Initially, he went directly to Western Power and received £3,000. Powerline Advisory Group has promised to negotiate a better deal and take 12.5% of anything above £3,000. Eventually, he was offered £4,000, and he did much of the paperwork, so he felt it was worth it. Dad-savvy readers looking out their windows are likely to notice all kinds of threads crossing through the landscape. Perhaps even overhead power lines to house and build structures in the area. However, it is important not to confuse telecommunications lines with power lines. In general, rural villages and suburbs are the ones that would most likely have the potential for a first payment. Perhaps similar to Don Tuske`s experience: we have problems with the miscommunication of SSEs on roadmaps and the work to be done.

The team showed up unexpectedly yesterday, even though it happened a few weeks ago and I had asked SSE to let us know in advance. (Policy documents indicate 5 days in advance, except in emergencies.) It is necessary to work on our land, but we are not satisfied with some of the claims that the team has made, their responsibilities, etc., so we investigate. If I were you, Don, I would be wary of quick offers of SSE. What you describe, the installation of devices without knowledge, let alone consent, horrifies me. Good luck! Hi Stuart, thank you for your comment. It looks like the neighbor mistakenly claimed the pole. That being said, when sons cross their property from the pole on your mother-in-law`s land, I believe they still have the right to claim it. .

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