The Agreement Of Mayflower

That is the Constitution. The pilgrims docked in the current port of Provincetown, Massachusetts, and decided to craft an agreement that would give them an attempt to be legally in place. After a 65-day sea voyage, the pilgrims made their way to Cape Cod on November 19, 1620. Unable to reach the land initially agreed upon, they kegré on 21 November instead of Provincetown (Collins). Many boasted that “no one had the power to command them,” openly proclaimed, “If they landed, they would use their own freedom, for no one had the power to command them, the patent they had for Virginia and not for New England, which belonged to another government with which the Virginia Company had nothing to do” (Cline 2003). Differences of opinion on governance issues led to the development of the pact. 5. Final vote. Decide whether the adoption of the pact should require unanimous approval, a two-thirds majority or a simple majority.

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