Betterment Agreement

Note that the use of the “Client Agreement Automation” function requires an executed consulting agreement, but that Part 2A of the ADV form, the SIR form and the Privacy Policy are all optional. Each advisor can upload their ADV Part 2B, regardless of the presence of documents at the company level. This table is your record that your customer has executed your agreement electronically. Note that you can view and download the agreement by clicking on the “Agreement Package” button on the right side of the table. Copies of the ADV Part 2B form are displayed next to the agreement package if any of them were present at the time of notification. By enabling your clients to execute your company`s consulting contract as part of Betterment for Advisors` white label registration experience, you automate a manual process that gives you more time to focus on your business while providing a better experience for your clients. Notification: As part of Betterment for Advisors` electronic notification process, agreements between them and betterment are presented to your clients and receipt of Disclosure Documents from Betterment is confirmed. If you opt for the Client Agreement Automation feature, your customers will also receive your company`s lease agreement and any advertising materials you downloaded at the time of each customer`s signature. This allows the customer to execute and/or confirm these documents both and not separately. Your customer electronically accepts the terms of these agreements by activating a control box and clicking a button to accept the creation of his account. Please note that Betterment does not collect traditional handwritten signatures for your agreement or for betterment for Advisors agreements.

Instead, consent is displayed by a mouse click or other electronic input method and the date and time of such consent is recorded and recorded. Using the Client Agreement Automation feature is optional. If you choose not to use the feature or provide only a portion of your corporate documents, you must separately execute your agreements between your company and your customers and provide business information outside of the Betterment For Advisors platform in a manner you define. One of each document type per company: The Client Agreement Automation feature only supports one document type per company, i.e. a consulting contract, an ADV Part 2A form, a CRS form, and a privacy policy. You can change this agreement by having a permanent administrator upload a new copy of the agreement on the agreements section of the Betterment for Advisors web portal….

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