Assam Agreement Clause 6

During discussions on the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), Home Minister Amit Shah referred to Clause 6 of the Assam agreement. On Monday, he criticized Congress for failing to respond to the implementation of the clause since the agreement was signed in 1985. The House of Commons passed the law on Monday. New Delhi: A high-level body appointed by the Narendra Modi government recommended in 1951 the deadline for defining the “Assamese people,” in accordance with a key clause of the Assam Agreement. Sonowal assured that the land government was committed to implementing this provision of the 1985 agreement, Sonowal said in a statement that the BJP-led government would not do anything that harms the interests of the people. AASU`s Gogoi repeated Mahanta. Under the leadership of retired Supreme Court Justice Biplab Kumar Sarma and members of the legal brotherhood, retired civil servants, scientists, journalists and AASU officials, the Committee was invited to expedite its report. It presented its report in February, but the government has not made its contents public. Nilay Dutta and three AASU members made the content public on Tuesday independently of the other. If the report is adopted, migrants who went to Assam between 1951 and 1971 would be recognized as Indian citizens. However, they will not benefit from the guarantees that Article 6 of the Assam Agreement aims to offer to indigenous peoples.

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