Agreement With Alien Enemy

1002 The other is a very difficult and important issue raised by the Honourable Sir. He pointed out, and it is quite true, that there are many doubts and uncertainties in the minds of many people in the commercial world about the impact of the outbreak of war on their rights and commitments in treaties concluded before the start of the war. I am not talking about the case of a man who would like him not to have a contract because prices or cargoes have gone up. He doesn`t want any lawyer to consult him, because everyone agrees that you have to respect the contract, unless you can convince the other party to come to your rescue. But I mean the case where one party is a separate subject and the other is an enemy in the sense that it lives and does business in an enemy country. He says we`ve made our peacetime contract and the show isn`t over yet – maybe the time for the show hasn`t come yet. What is the impact of the outbreak of war on the execution of this treaty? It is quite true that the government has been considering whether it can intervene effectively and appropriately to address these difficulties. I feel a great compliment to myself and to my honourable and learned friend, the Attorney General, that we have to believe that if we express an opinion, the business community – I note that the honourable Member does not include judges – will immediately bow and worship him. It`s never happened to me, and I take that as a big compliment. I will not hesitate to say so many things, and I do not think that any lawyer will deny this proposal or that a reasonable man could dispute that if a party entered into a contract before the war began and it was a legitimate contract that could be concluded, and if the time has not come to do so, If war breaks out, if the execution of the treaty is illegal during the war of 1003, no man will be held accountable in the courts of that country because he does not fulfill it. Before I address the points I would like to raise with the Attorney General, perhaps I would like to mention to the Prime Minister the issue of the allowance for female soldiers. The Prime Minister told us this afternoon that the maximum would be 22 for four children. In fact, I just heard the Minister of War in another place of intimacy that there would still be two for every additional child.

I think it is very important, in the public interest, that the two statements be put in order as soon as possible. . . .

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