Workforce Adjustment Agreement

For indeterminate, seasonal and part-time workers, the transitional support measure is assessed in the same way as it can be assessed under the terms of your collective agreement or terms of employment. You are not automatically entitled to the transitional support measure. This applies if you are an optimistic collaborator and choose Option 2 (TSM) or Option 3 (training allowance). The fee is based on a formula in Schedule B of schedule to adjust the staff of your collective agreement and is determined by your years of service. Two-way sheet containing general information on staff adjustment The National Common Council`s (NJC) Workforce Adjustment Directive ensures that indeterminate workers whose services are no longer needed due to adjustment to the workforce are, where possible, provided alternative employment opportunities. Workers can benefit from a guarantee of an appropriate job offer within the public centre or have access to transitional arrangements. If an optimistic employee does not receive a guarantee of an appropriate job offer from the assistant manager or finds another employee with whom he can exchange positions, he has three options. For more information on the change process and staff options, see personnel issues or in your workforce adjustment policy. Yes, yes. The severance pay for your collective agreement is paid in addition to the transitional support measure. Many PSAC collective agreements protect against job losses in the federal public service. Employers must ensure that workers are treated fairly and that they have every opportunity to pursue their careers. Your collective agreements set out your rights and options if you are an indeterminate employee facing a staff situation.

You can collect both the MST and your pension by giving up based on years of service and pension. If you are made redundant or terminated in accordance with the provisions of the CEF, you are entitled to all other benefits of the collective agreement as well as pension and other benefit entitlements, all separate from the payments provided in the CEF schedule. 17. How do you manage a selection for conservation and the redundancy process in which one or more workers protected from wages occupy positions at the level where adjustments are required? Staff adjustment is made when the Assistant Director decides that the services of one or more unspecified staff will no longer be required beyond a specific date, because: to learn more about the staff adjustment process and to find answers to questions about a particular staff adjustment situation, refer to the staff website: Guidelines and guidelines on the website of the secretariat of the Ministry of Finance , as well as your special collective agreement.

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