Fair Trade Agreement Crossword Clue

More fun today. 7d without being heard by me, even if Spooner solved it for me. Lots of attractive clues with 11a, 13a and 3d at the top of my list. The quickie had a bit of a challenge so entertaining that sometimes is the case. Thank you, Jay and 2Kiwis. I agree. I thought the second p can`t be heard, so it`s irrelevant in the context of the indication? 10a Practitioners employed by extreme dictators (5) MEDIC: A lurker hidden in the index. In any case, a step in trouble from the previous puzzles this week, I found this quite difficult, but very good. 7d was my last one in (not really a fan of spoonerisms), but it was one of the best.

In particular, it`s very difficult to get clues, but I liked 1 and 24a plus 2 and 16d. 3.5/4.5 thanks very much to Jay and the 2Ks for their excellent work. ps… I briefly flirted with “snapchat” (get the picture) for 17d, but given the demographic age here quickly returned! 1a Fair Trade Agreement negotiated by The Times, perhaps (6.4) SQUARE DEAL: What the Times as a New York site is an example, followed by an agreement that is negotiated. Struck by 7d, I`m afraid, which is not surprising, because I couldn`t even identify it from the image in the clues – mixed nuts in my book. No matter how another Jay cracker. Lots of great tips, of which my favorites were 11, 18 and 27a. Thanks to Jay for a good workout at 2Ks for the evaluation. Look for clues, synonyms, words, anagrams or if you already have a few letters, enter the letters here with a question mark or a complete stop instead of someone you don`t know (z.B. cros…

rd” or “he?p”) Made today was Wednesday halfway through Jay`s crossword puzzles. Another Wednesday gem with only 7d hold on to me until the end. Always send me into a kind of panic when I see “spoon” or “bike” contained in a clue. I agree with Gazza in the 17d, and my favorite today was 9d – a chestnut, perhaps? I`m stupid. I thought it was a proximal day when I got the J and the X and I was desperately looking for one less Z. It helped me get 1a though, hoping the V would be in my last 19d. Sorry to Jay for the confusion and thanks for the fun crossword puzzles. Thanks to the 2kiwis for the evaluation. Below are the possible answers to the Art of Agreement crossword warning. 26a Breaks the tenants quickly seeing strangely lacking (4) EATS: Alternative letters found in two words of reference.

What a crunchy puzzle of Jay`s quality all the way to parch. It was nice to relax and get enigmatic. How do Stters maintain quality? Organize gardening a little every day, so crossword puzzles done in the afternoon. Thanks to 2K and, of course, Jay. Welcome, Carrie. I also discovered this wonderful blog about two years ago, and my resolution skills came in leaps and bounds.

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