What Does It Mean Interchange Agreement

Due to the growing interest in interchangeable aircraft registered outside Brazil, RAB expects to develop a database for the registration of foreign aircraft exchange contracts exchanged with Brazilian operators. At the end of October 2017, only one foreign exchange aircraft with an exchange contract was registered with the RAB. Others are currently registered. Aircraft exchange agreements are a useful technique for airlines based in different jurisdictions to effectively use their combined fleets across national borders. The use of trade agreements has increased considerably in recent years in Brazil and is expected to continue to increase. The initial application of these agreements has focused on cargo aircraft, but has extended to airliners. Although most exchange agreements involve interchange agreements and exchange agreements under common control, the use of such agreements between independent parties is not impeded. At first, Brazilian legislation and legislation on exchange agreements raised doubts about what types of aircraft could be exchanged and what documents were needed to implement them. Many of these uncertainties have been clarified in recent times and the relevant authorities are already agreeing to exchange agreements before legislation to clarify things. Individuals who are called upon to a competitive service under the exchange agreements benefit from a professional or professional vocation, depending on whether they are serving three years of service for a professional activity or are exempt from it in accordance with 5 CFR 315.201 (c). The service, which begins with the current permanent employment of a person in the other benefit system, is part of the three-year service requirements for a professional activity. Exchange agreements do not allow for temporary or temporary deadlines.

Another important aspect of the trade agreements stems from the Cape Town Agreement. The Cape Town Convention came into force in Brazil in mid-2013. It defines a “rental agreement” as an agreement by which a person grants another the right to own or control a property (aircraft, helicopter or aircraft engine) with or without an option to purchase for a lease or other payment. Aircraft exchange agreements meet the criteria set out in this definition and thus create international interests in favour of the Interchangor as a creditor and the exchange as a debtor. An exchange contract allows existing federal agents in the service to be candidates for job promotion in a competitive service.

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