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If you have taken courses or graduated from another university or university, you are probably wondering what will go to a WGU program. Western Governors University has good relations with community colleges in the United States. As a result, we offer generous transfer privileges for Community College graduates. Transcripts are required at the bachelor program level to determine the transfer credit. Proof of obtaining a bachelor`s degree requires transcripts at the bachelor`s level. I completed computer Science 204: Database Programming in study.com, which allowed me to get a credit for “C754 Structured Query Language,” but the analysis of the WGU transcript was attributed to Data Management – Foundations, which must be reproduced according to study.com credit mapping page of “Computer Science 107: Database Fundamentals.” I reached it through my CE and it just came back and said that transcription mapping is correct, it will come as basics and will not be “C754 Structured Query Language” and its falsely documented e.study.com website. These shots, I did specifically this course, so I do not have to go through the useless oracle cert pain arrrghhh. I don`t know what my options are. Edit : Update this as misleading for some people and prevent them from taking this course. I had a hard time passing it on because my registration advisor was not aware of it and the WGU transcript team did not agree either.

But I opened a request for assistance with study.com they spoke to the WGU transcript team and gave me the right credit. I managed to transfer this loan and you/_scifi. So don`t skip these many people have problems with the real oracle SQL review the study.com is a very good option and I would encourage you a lot to take it study.com By our partnerships, WGU is transfer credit from different institutions recognized as national or regional by the Ministry of Education. Please consult our transfer paths by clicking on the desired state, followed by the institution. From there, you can click on the program-specific folder to access the Pathways transfer for the program you want. I`ve been looking at study.com but since I tried to start my term in December, I don`t have much time to go back and forth, has anyone moved here “Computer Science 204: Database Programming” to “C754 Structured Query Language”? At present, we do not have any articulation paths for degrees within this specific university. If you are interested in concluding the WGU, a course evaluation of your transcripts is completed to ensure maximum transfer credits. To view available WGU accounts or contact our registration service, click above on the “RETURN TO THE MAIN WGU WEBSITE” link and call the phone number in the top right corner of the new screen.

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