Unilever Equalisation Agreement

This result is achieved by specific provisions of the statutes of each company and Unilever PLC, as well as by a series of agreements between the company and Unilever PLC (para. B, the compensation agreement, the mutual agreement agreement and the mutual credit commitment agreement), the so-called foundation agreements. Headquarters: Port Sunlight Wirral Merseyside CH62 4ZD While high earnings are promised, those who buy or sell shares in this way usually lose their money. Each ADR represents 1 common share of underlying plc. Each SPS common share has a face value of 3 1/9 pence. . We learned that some Unilever PLC shareholders received unsolicited calls regarding their participation in Unilever and other investment matters. These are usually foreign brokers who, in fact, do not represent Unilever and are trying to sell other investment products that could be worthless or very risky investments. These operations are commonly referred to as “boilers.” If you are approached by such a broker who claims to represent Unilever, act with the utmost caution. NV heresafter accepts, for the purposes of the clearing agreement, the reduction of Plc`s capital, which must take place in connection with the cancellation of the shares deferred by plc, in accordance with points 11.1.2 and 11.1.3. Please download the FCA stock fraud sheet (PDF – 60KB) for more information share fraud includes scams that investors are cold called out of the blue and offered shares that often be outtobeless or not-existent, or a flated price for shares they own. These calls come from scammers working in “boilers” who most often reside abroad. Unilever recognizes the importance of good corporate governance and good corporate behaviour.

Prior to the implementation of the simplification and subject to all necessary approvals, companies strive to rebalance the respective net assets of NV and PLC in relation to the agreed relationship between the companies, in order to avoid the termination of the clearing agreement, the mutual credit commitment agreement and the conclusion of reciprocal agreements being entitled to a right.

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