Early Intervention Provider Agreement

DISCLAIMER: The information collected in the central directory is obtained by the supplier and is correct in full conscience of the department. The information in the list was last updated on September 30, 2020. Approval of additional suppliers and/or personnel changes is ongoing and the directory is therefore updated regularly. Current suppliers with ancillary agreements that wish to review or add information recorded in the central directory (particularly mission, experience, county/district service coordination) can do so by contacting the Office`s Supplier Authorization Agency (provider@health.ny.gov) for a copy of the Request to Revise Central Directory Information. The nyC Early Intervention Program is committed to providing quality services to children and families. The program provides technical assistance and monitoring of programs to ensure that suppliers comply with all laws, policies and procedures. Health care providers should make recommendations to 311 and the request for rapid response or by filling out the recommendation form for early intervention programs (PDF) and faxes at the regional office of the child`s place of residence. The Early Help Matters: Supporting Family Access to the New York City Early Intervention Program toolkit provides information that helps providers connect patients to rapid intervention. The National Center to Improve Recruitment and Retention of Qualified Personnel for Children with Disabilities (Personnel Improvement Center) is a federally funded technical assistance and outreach project funded on October 1, 2008. Its mission is to increase the country`s capacity to recruit, prepare and retain specialized educators, early intervention providers and related service providers, including para-professionals, to meet needs.

1. The central directory contains information on agencies and individuals that have entered into an approved agreement to provide assessment, coordination of services and early intervention services to children under three years of age with disabilities or delays and their families. The Centre`s website offers educators and potential providers the opportunity to explore specific careers related to education. Watch how early intervention specialists describe what it`s like to be an early intervention specialist in the video A Day in the Life….

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